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History and Aims

The club was started in the early 2000’s by a group of Edinburgh University alumni who wanted to continue their competitive archery careers (while keeping a close association with the University) and also provide support to the next generation through the student club. These alumni members affiliated and competed under the name Edinburgh University Archery Alumni Club and trained both at the University facilities in Edinburgh, across the UK and beyond where graduate life had taken them. Membership remains limited to experienced archers who are University of Edinburgh alumni, staff and students.

Since 2011 the clubs have moved towards greater unity. Tired of being major rivals on the open circuit the clubs made it so all University archers, past and present, had the option to compete on the same team, reflecting both the reality of their training situation and the philosophy of the members. From this point the Alumni changed their name to Edinburgh University Archery Club and membership was opened to current students, who could chose to affiliate under this name. The original student club remains, competing under the name Edinburgh University Archery Club (students) and remaining administratively independent. Under this arrangement Edinburgh University archers have continued at attain a high level of competitive team and individual success, up to and including international level.

The aims of the club are:

  • to promote and maintain the sport of archery amongst alumni of the University of Edinburgh, including the use of the facilities.
  • to provide as much assistance as possible to Edinburgh University Archery Club (Students).
  • to promote excellence in archery, in particular within the Edinburgh University Archery community.
  •  to enable alumni of the University of Edinburgh to continue their association with the University.
  •  To work in conjunction with the student club and Edinburgh University Sports Union, to help maintain and update equipment and facilities as required. In particular with substantial one-off purchases.