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Alumni Membership

Members affiliate and compete under the name Edinburgh University Archery Club. Membership is primarily open to experienced archers who are Alumni or Staff of Edinburgh University. To class as experienced an archer, an individual must have completed a minimum of a formal archery beginners course. All members are expected to own their own archery equipment, and all membership requests are subject to the approval of the committee. All eligible members are expected to compete under the Edinburgh University Archery Club name at competitive events, even if not based within the city. If you need advice on how to meet the membership requirements or have any other questions please email

Membership consists of 4 categories

  • Edinburgh Members: This membership category is for members based in and around the city who wish to have the use of our facilities at the Edinburgh University Centre for Sport and Exercise sites. Membership of the University Sports facilities is also required, the cost of which can be found on their website. Club membership for the year is £100, plus costs of affiliation to our governing bodies (*see below).
  • Non-Edinburgh Members: This membership category is for those who do not require access to our facilities regularly, although they can use our facilities at the Edinburgh University sites when visiting (under the supervision of permitted members) without paying additional target fees. They will, however, be required to pay any entrance fees to University facilities. In addition, Non-Edinburgh members may not stand for committee positions. Non-Edinburgh members can upgrade their membership at any time for Full Edinburgh membership on payment of the difference. Club membership of this type is £50, plus affiliation to our governing bodies (*see below).
  • Student Membership: Current students of Edinburgh University can elect to affiliate and compete for the club by paying affiliation fees only (*see below). They are still required to pay membership to the Student club (EUSU Archery Club).
  • Associate Membership: This membership type is an invite-only membership for non-Edinburgh University archers who attain a high competitive level and would benefit from the clubs facilities.
* Scottish Archery Association membership: